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about me

I am Chelsy Escalona, visual artist from Cuba based in Berlin, Germany. I graduated as a Graphic Designer in 2015 from the Superior Design Institute at the University of Havana. In order to pursue my true passion in 2019 I began my freelance illustration career which has been an incredible time full of amazing moments.


All this has led me to explore more in depth the illustration field allowing me to work in collaboration with art magazines, editorials, musicians and on personal projects.

My universe full of color and textures speaks of the beauty of everyday life experiences through a female perspective, with a neo-pop art style where black lines, bright colors and the use of textures will transport the viewer towards my inner world, my personal work talks about my emotions, my vision of life and experiences, and how I choose to present the role of women outside the pre-established narratives of modern society, in a world where the female figure can convey a positive vision and healthy lifestyle and where she can enjoy being herself without needing anything else. I also seek to create pieces of art full of little stories that other people can find when they look closer and with which they can connect and see themselves reflected.

cexy beard large.jpg

Welcome to my creative corner! This is where I spend my days and my art gets created. Currently I share a studio/office space that is full of color and art, which inspires me and invites me to come to work everyday.

Represented by Illustration X

Represented globally for illustration projects by IllustrationX :


My work has been exhibited in Florida, Liverpool, Barcelona, Belgrade, Italy and digital galleries across the world.



Encuentro de Ilustración

Selected to be part of the Illustration Catalog “The best of the Latinamerican Illustration of 2022”. Organized by Palermo Universityin Argentina.


Flower Girls Art Contest

Winner of The Flower Girls Art Contest


Illustrofest 2022

Selected for “Selection of Authors” by the illustration festival of Belgrade “Ilustrofest 2022”. Organized by AHA Magazine.


Cubadisco 2018

Nominated to Best Design in Cubadisco Music Awards,
Havana, Cuba


Encuentro de Ilustración

Selected to be part of the Illustration Catalog “The best of the Latinamerican Illustration of 2021”. Organized by Palermo Universityin Argentina.



“Her distinctive universe references aesthetics and ideas from the mid-20th century capturing characteristics of pop art, comics, graffiti, and kitsch culture."


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