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Chelsy Escalona_Etherea digital illustration, woman with pink hair and multitasking, cat sitting in her lap, goddess, modern woman, beautiful, colorful, pop art

chelsy escalona

"Art is a step from the known
to the unknown"

Acerca de

I am Chelsy Escalona, cuban visual artist based in Berlin, Germany. In order to pursue my true passion in 2019
I began my freelance illustration career. My work has been exhibited in Florida, Liverpool, Barcelona, Belgrade and digital galleries across the world.


my work

Scenery Illustrations

A selection of work showing the detailed backgrounds, use of textures and compositions that are characteristic of my art.

Book Cover
& Editorial Illustration

Selection of editorial projects:
Commissioned and Self initiated.

Portrait Illustration

Selection of my portraits exploration made for art contests and collaborations with NFT projects and startups.

Elementals Bloom
Digital animation

Animation created for the profile picture of the Elementals Collection, with the frame by frame technique using Procreate and After Effects.

Elementals Collection
Personal Work

A collection of pieces that talks about self exploration and personal growth through art. A new vision of my work as I discover my identity in this world.