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This is the frequently asked questions page, here you will find summarized information for questions that may arise when buying in my store :)

What will you find here

A summary of the time it takes to ship your orders as well as my returns policy 

How do I contribute to take care of environment with my products

How long can you expect a response from me + wholesales information

Let's Start!



When will my order ship?


Orders are typically shipping within 3-4 business days. I ship out orders once or twice a week in large batches at a time, your patience is greatly appreciated during shop update periods! Once your order is shipped, you will receive an email confirmation


How long does shipping take?


Domestic mail orders arrive within 1-2 days after shipping. Delivery times within Europe might take up to 15 days. International orders take around 1-3 months depending on where you are in the world. This shipping estimate is not guaranteed, it might take longer depending on the weather and your national postal service. Please read each shipping option carefully as choosing the incorrect one could delay your order being shipped! If you have not received your order for more than 30 days, please contact me with the name and number on your order! 


Where do you ship?


All orders are shipped from my studio in Berlin, Germany


Here is the main list of countries I ship to at the moment: Germany, United States, Canada, France, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom.


If you’d like me to add your country to my shipment list, email me! Please check the DHL website first to see if your country’s postal service is accepting international mail. 

I need to change/edit the address!


No problem! As long as you email me within 24 hours I will be able to revise the mailing address~ Failure to contact me to correct the address will result in packages being sent to the wrong address or returned to me.


 International Customs Fees/Duties/Taxes


Usually, international packages will make it through customs just fine, but depending on the value of your order, it may be held in customs until cleared (this can vary based on your country). Orders shipped to the EU will not get held in customs. Fees vary from country to country and depend on the value of your order, so please check what the customs charges are like for international orders. Please understand that if you are an international customer, you are responsible for paying any customs fees/duties/taxes once it reaches your country in order to retrieve your package. This means keeping tabs on your order and checking the tracking so it doesn’t accidentally get returned to me due to being neglected at customs! I highly suggest including your phone number when filling out the shipping info so your local post will contact you when it arrives in your country!


My order got returned to you!


If your order got returned to me due to an invalid address, customers will be responsible for paying additional shipping to re-send it to the correct address.


If any orders are returned to me from customs, I can either:


Ship the order back to you, but you will be responsible for paying the shipping again


Refund the value of your order minus the shipping + 10% restocking fee (contents of the order must be in an acceptable condition in order to process the refund)

Can I cancel/return/exchange my order?


When placing an order, please be mindful with your decision. I do not accept returns/exchanges. The only circumstance in which I can cancel and refund an order is if the same order is accidentally placed twice. I am also not responsible for any damaged packages, I pack every order with intense care to ensure it arrives safely to you. Should you have any issues with your order upon arrival, reach out to me with your name and order number so we can resolve it together!


Something is wrong with my order!


I am really sorry! This is very rare, but I’m also a human, so I might forget to pack an item or accidentally send you a different product! Make sure to double check the mailer, sometimes items can get wedged into the bottom corner! If you are missing something in your order, please contact me directly through the contact page, I will send you the missing item, and of course in this case i will take the shipping costs, if you got something extra you didn't order, keep it as a gift. Please email me if there is anything missing/incorrect in your order once it arrives, and I will happily replace it!

Screen/monitor color difference


I make sure to photograph and edit my product photos as closely to the actual color of the product! However, each screen/monitor is different and the colors may seem slightly different face to face.



Caring for sustainability


I care about the impact I leave on this earth, including the artwork from my doorstep to yours. Running a business can create waste, so I make sure that my packaging is either made of recycled content, recyclable, or compostable! I maintain a majority of my production within Germany and do plenty of research to find the right manufacturers to work with that align with my values. I will do my best to source production locally within the limitations I have as an individual that operates a small business. If you're feeling curious about where I get production done, I mention them throughout my vlogs!


Eco-Friendly Packaging


The goal of my shop is to be plastic free! Orders ship in paper-based mailers that can be recycled or composted (including the shipping label). Prints are packaged in paper bags with tissue paper, which are 100% recyclable! I use paper or washi tape to seal packages and envelopes. Backing paper of vinyl stickers and washi product labels are non-recyclable and need to be discarded.



When can I expect an email back?


I only read and respond to emails Monday-Friday 9-5pm CET (central european time) with the exception of holidays, my inbox gets pretty flooded but you should expect a response the same week that you sent your email. If you haven’t gotten a response, be sure to check your junk mail (some customers have found my emails there) and if you still haven’t found a response please don’t hesitate to email me again! I’m just one human handling all my emails so I might’ve skipped over your message.


Do you take wholesale orders?


Yes! If you are a small business looking to carry my products at your storefront, please send me an email and I will get back to you with a wholesale catalog.

Please contact me at for any questions regarding your order or anything I may have not answered above. Instagram DMs get lost very quickly, so the best method of contact is via email! 


By placing an order, I will assume you have read through and agreed to these terms!


Thank you for understanding

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